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Greek's Pizzeria in Noblesville

The Roma was a salty savory cousin to a Margherita pizza, with a warm soft garlic butter crust.

This wasn't our first time at Greek's in Noblesville (view on map), but probably our first time in a couple years. I remember this is one of the first places we came to when we moved to Noblesville back in 2014, and I honestly can't remember why it's not one of our regular places - I didn't have a clear memory of what the pizza was like, but now I will thanks to our pizza blog journal!

We each ordered medium pizzas for carryout. I got the Roma and Chris just got regular pepperoni. When I pulled up into the parking lot, they had a runner taking names and bringing the carryout orders to the cars. I put the pizzas in our pizza bag in my trunk and headed home.

The Roma includes garlic butter crust, roma tomatoes, feta cheese and spinach.

When I opened the box and saw the toasted feta I fell in love! It’s almost a Margherita pizza but with spinach instead of basil, and the feta brings a salty savory creaminess. So satisfying!

The crust texture is similar to Noble Romans, or maybe I was thinking that because I just recently had a Margherita pizza from there, but the difference is from Greek's there is a stronger flavor of garlic butter in the crust. It's subtle, not like getting crust toppers or butter brushed on the top.

Greek's is what I would consider a good anytime pizza because it's not too greasy, you could have it for lunch but it's also satisfying enough to have for dinner. Not every pizza is a dinner pizza, like you probably couldn't just have a pizza from Byrne's for dinner that wouldn't really fill you up.

After this experience, I think I want to start going back to Greek's more often, it was really a very good pie.

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