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Thin Crust Pepperoni Magnifico from Marco's Pizza

We've already talked about the Pepperoni Magnifico hand tossed and how it was "Rich pepperoni spiciness and parmesan overload on a just-okay crust," but now it's time to talk about the thin crust version of the same well-known pizza.

Our local Marco's is getting the business because we have been twice in the last two weeks, specifically for this thin crust Pepperoni Magnifico that is packed with pleasantly spicy pepperoni and glittered with probably-too-much parmesan cheese.

Thin Crust Pepperoni Magnifico

The thin crust is cut party style into squares, and the interior pieces can be a bit greasy to hold onto, but the slightly chewy but sturdy thin crust really holds up. The crust and sauce flavor are somewhat hidden or neutral, which is fine when the pepperoni is obviously the star of this show.

Thin Crust Pepperoni Magnifico

There's enough parmesan to make you want to wash your face after eating it. The edge pieces are easier to eat, but the center pieces have the best flavor. Just dive in like some kind of pizza monster, rip and fold the center squares - you can always wash your hands later. Delightful and consistent every time.

Shout out to our Union Chapel location in Noblesville, when we got to the drive through for pickup they were just putting it in the oven so we got free sodas while we waited.

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