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Pepperoni Magnifico from Marco's Pizza

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Rich pepperoni spiciness and parmesan overload on a just-okay crust.

Chris and I were both working from home and decided to get Marco's pizza delivered for lunch. We rarely get pizza delivered because we usually drive to get it ourselves. A lot of places are too far away to deliver, or we just like to save a bit of money if there is a delivery fee or needing to tip the driver.

marco's pizza pepperoni magnifico

On this fateful day, we were watching the delivery time estimator in the app and wondering where our pizza was. We saw it in the neighborhood and then it just stopped. Turns out the delivery driver ran out of gas down the street and literally jogged the pizza the rest of the way to get it to us! Now that's dedication.

marco's pizza pepperoni magnifico

The Pepperoni Magnifico from Marco's is their signature old world style pepperoni, romesan seasoning, original sauce and three cheeses. We've been getting a ton of old world style pepperoni lately, and typically it has a more savory almost beefy flavor with less grease and less spice compared to the bright kind of pepperoni.

The romesan seasoning packs a punch and will make your hands and face smell like parmesan cheese and garlic for hours. I had to get a broom and dust pan out to clean off the coffee table after setting the box down, it was sprinkled with parmesan cheese and garlic powder.

marco's pizza crust

The crust itself is a hand tossed spongy crust with a pleasant chewiness. The cheese and sauce got lost in the shuffle but the pepperoni was a real shining star. Maybe it was the delivery time, but the cheese and crust were kinda bland. The pepperoni had a good zip to it and left a spicy aftertaste. Honestly this pizza was okay and a nice change of pace but nothing that I'm craving to get again as soon as possible.

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