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Triple Pepp is Back at Papa Murphy's

Triple pepp is objectively better than regular amounts of pepp, that's just a fact! We get all the emails from all the pizza places, so obviously when triple pepp is back at Papa Murphy's we start jonesing for a take and bake pan pizza.

For the uninitiated, Papa Murphy's sells pizzas that you take home and bake in your own oven. That way you always get super fresh baked pizza without bothering with delivery or trying to race the box home in your car in time to enjoy it hot.

Their pan pizza is also delectable and they coat the bottom of the pan in garlic butter so that the juicy spongey pizza soaks it up. We eat it with a knife and fork like some kind of greasy pizza cake!

As you can see we're working with different kinds of pepperoni here on the triple pepp, including old world style that curls up when it bakes. I'm also a big fan of the extra large and extremely thin pepperoni that are the base layer in this case.

Honestly I could eat this weekly, it's always consistent and just hits the spot.

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