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Noble Roman's Craft Pizza and Pub in Fishers

Fresh toppings and no-nonsense crust make this a less greasy anytime pizza.

We've been to Noble Roman's before but not since starting the blog. So this came up in the comments on Instagram, this place is called Noble Roman's Craft Pizza & Pub (view on map) which I guess is related to but not exactly the same thing as Noble Roman's at Southport and Emerson. Noble Roman's has franchised locations and take-and-bake grocery pies, but according to their website the Craft Pizza & Pub locations are "our flagship full-service pizzeria concept."

We got carry-out using our own insulated pizza bag and quickly got the pizza home for quick photos before digging in.

First up, this deep dish Sicilian from Noble Roman’s has sort of a weird name it’s called Bacon the Double Pepperoni. It’s classic red sauce, mozzarella & muenster cheese, bacon, extra crispy-curl & classic pepperoni. It looks a little sloppy with dollops of red sauce on top, but Chris said the sauce helped balance out the meatiness of the two types of pepperoni. He said the ingredients were fine but that doing this Detroit style instead of Sicilian style would have made it better, with the sauce under the cheese.

Next up, the Pizza Margherita has rosemary infused olive oil, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and tomato slices. I consider this a no nonsense crust, it’s a very thin sponge that is dry not greasy and pleasantly soft but sturdy without getting too tough toward the edges. The tomatoes are sweet not sour and not too acidic. The basil is amazing and has a great aroma! A good anytime pizza.

My only negative observation is that since the toppings don't go all the way to the edge you get a lot of breadiness of the plain crust around the outside. Maybe if they had some garlic butter crust toppers or the crust was more buttery on it's own that would make the outer bread ring more enjoyable by itself.

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