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Uncured Pepperoni with Spicy Honey Drizzle Frozen Pizza from Good & Gather

Good & Gather, the new Target store brand formerly known as Archer Farms, really puts out a mean wood-fired frozen pizza crust. It's the crust from one of my all time favorites, formerly from Archer Farms, the spinach goat cheese pizza I've blogged about before.

The official and super long title of this frozen pizza is Signature Wood-Fired Uncured Pepperoni with Spicy Honey Drizzle Frozen Pizza and it's only $5.99 from Target. It's described as "crushed tomato sauce, thick-cut uncured pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and shaved aged cheese, and it comes with a packet of spicy honey drizzle so you can add as much or as little as you like."

If you're wondering, their spicy honey packet really isn't that spicy, at least compared to Mike's Hot Honey, but it definitely is on trend with the pizza drizzle craze and the hot honey craze.

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It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too sweet, a delightful combination. Not a super strong honey taste, just enough to make the pizza more interesting. The wood fired crust is fantastic and it would be a solid pizza even without the honey so it’s not just a gimmick. Definitely a good one, and cheap too!

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