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Sam's Choice Stuffed Crust Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza

Back in my college days I would get a buffalo chicken calzone from Johnny's Campus Deli in Oxford, OH and that thing was saucy, spicy, drippy, weighed like 4 pounds, and would give you that under-eye sweat from the heat. When I saw this Sam's Choice buffalo (style) chicken pizza in the freezer aisle, I was sorta hoping it would turn out like that. The back of the box promised "spices that are so bold you can't resist bite after bite of spicy pizza perfection" - game on.

It uses a buffalo ranch sauce as a base instead of marinara, and has a three cheese blend and diced buffalo chicken pieces on top. It's also a stuffed crust and the crust rises slightly while baking.

I'm gonna cut right to the chase here, this thing was good for about the first three pieces and then I got sick of it. It's not very spicy, it's just like a super heavy white sauce pizza. There is plenty of cheese, and with the addition of the stuffed crust this pizza feels heavier than it looks.

It's rather filling and pretty forgettable, unfortunately. I'm not even a spicy foods guy and I was craving more heat, this comes in at like a 2 out of 10 for heat. For context I'd put this at less than Buffalo Wild Wing's mild sauce in terms of heat.

I threw away the last couple pieces. The crust was actually not bad at all, it's just a bunch of cheese and bread and very dense.

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