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We Tried the Stranger Things Pizza

I'm a sucker for marketing gimmicks and this Walmart pickup was definitely an impulse buy. With Stranger Things Season 4 topping the streaming charts, it's nice to know somebody is capitalizing on the hype by actually releasing Surfer Boy Pizza in the frozen food section.

The logo and the box itself looks identical to the ones on Netflix - I guess that's the point right? I love how at first glance you wouldn't think anything of it, and if not for the small Stranger Things logo at the top (or knowing about it from watching the show) you could think this is any other generic frozen pizza with a California vibe.

If you look closely, on the side of the box it says Palermo's, so this is the actual Milwaukee-based manufacturer of the frozen pizza and they are just licensing the Surfer Boy Pizza trademark and design.

So how does it taste? We got the Multi-Meat Pizza with sausage, ham and pepperoni. The ingredients themselves looked fresh and the diced ham was in pretty good sized chunks.

The crust was somewhat yeasty and what I would call sturdy not really hard but definitely not fluffy. It's average to above average, very similar to DiGiorno if you've had that before. A+ for marketing boys, you got me!

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