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DiGiorno Double Pepperoni Fully Stuffed Crust Pizza

Alright DiGiorno, you've got our attention with this FULLY stuffed crust pizza that has an entire layer of cheese through the base not just the outer crust. Their website promises an "entire layer of hot, melty cheese between two layers of golden flaky crust" covered with both sliced and diced pepperoni.

It looks really small before it bakes, but the crust rises and fluffs up really well. It's in the Detroit pizza style with a rectangular loaf that nicely cuts into 6 pieces, but the edges obviously don't compare to the cheese crisps from something fresh made.

Still, Chris and I were pleasantly surprised with how soft the crust is. The taste is the same DiGiorno that you would expect but the biggest difference having the cheese stuffed crust is that the whole thing just feels softer, fluffy, and heavy all at the same time. A noticeable texture difference compared to just the regular oven pizza. Not an oozing gooey cheese masterpiece, but a juicier denser crust.

We liked it a lot actually and went out and bought another that same week at our next grocery run. Very nice!

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