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The Pub at 1802 in Fort Wayne

We had a fantastic lil Sunday up in Fort Wayne! Checked out comic books at an antique store, got to see our nephew win a hockey game, and randomly found this amazing place for all of us to go after the game called The Pub at 1802.

photo of building The Pub at 1802

They don’t have a weak spot on their menu, it’s really something for everyone from greasy bar food to salads. Everyone in our party of 12 got exactly what they wanted, which is saying something.

mozarella sticks with 3 sauces

We started with mozzarella sticks that came with marinara, ranch, and apple butter dipping sauces. The apple butter was a cool twist that you don't usually see, but it was way to sweet for my taste. I can't believe how many sticks come in a single order!

Chris and I got a double pepperoni bacon pizza and a Beast Burger that had elk, bison, waygu, wild boar, bacon, and a perfect goey egg. Unreal! Probably the best burger I've had all year.

The pizza was well above average bar pizza with a chewy soft crust, just enough heat in the meat and well seasoned sauce. The crust looks hard and crispy in the photos but it was actually pretty soft but still held up to the extra toppings we got.

The drinks were a steal compared to Indianapolis prices - Chris got a peach ring martini for $9 and I got a 22 oz beer for like $5. Sorry to say the W goes to the burger in this case, but would highly recommend this place overall.

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