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Jan's Village Pizza in Westfield

Eat like a local at Jan's Village Pizza with a family atmosphere and hometown pride. One of Chris' co-workers put this place on our radar so we made the trip to check it out on a date night. The staff were super personable and friendly - it's the kind of place local high schoolers work. It's a cute historic building off Main street in the old quaint part of Westfield.

Jan's village pizza entrance

We started with the smothered breadsticks, which the menu says are "covered with enough mozzarella cheese to make a medium pizza" - but I guess ours weren't really all that smothered, which was kind of a let down.

6 breadsticks

I took notes on my phone and said the breadsticks had a good flavor but that they get a little "bready" in the middle. Hear me out, I know bread should taste like bread, I just mean the buttery topping and the cheese is no match for the size of the plump bread boys so in the middle you are just left with bread. Again, I was feeling a little sad about them not being "smothered" enough.

Chris got the cheese lovers with bacon and pepperoni added, and I got the Autograph pizza, which has garlic butter sauce, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni and ham. They were out of mushrooms though, so I didn't get the full Autograph experience.

pizza on red and white table cloth

The pizza had tons of cheese and a pillow soft crust. The crust was a little under cooked and we couldn't tell if that was on purpose or not. It wasn't under cooked in a bad way, it gave it a slightly doughy flavor that honestly reminded me of elementary school cafeteria pizza nostalgia. We filled up on bread and ended up taking slices home, and then when we got home realized we left our boxes on the table in the restaurant.

They had a vintage porcelain drinking fountain filled with mints by the door. I just wanted to mention that. I don't think I have anything else to say about this place so that about does it!

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allHungry 2
allHungry 2
Mar 21

Jan's Village Pizza in Westfield offers a delightful culinary experience with its authentic flavors and cozy ambiance. From savory pizzas to mouthwatering sandwiches, every bite is a journey of taste. A must-visit for pizza aficionados seeking a blend of tradition and innovation in every slice!



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Dennis Demchyna
Mar 29, 2023


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