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10 West in Cicero

Small town meets upscale at 10 West Restaurant and Bar in Cicero. This dimly lit date escape is modern with an innovative menu while staying reasonably priced. We got multiple recommendations from neighbors telling us to try their flatbread pizza, so we are checking 10 West off our list!

10 West is part of a super cute strip of restaurants in Cicero that includes Pizza House, DeLullo's, and Bronko's Pizza among others.

The tables were pretty far apart from each other, which is fine because it makes it more intimate for a date night. But it looks like they removed some tables for COVID and just never put them back.

3 pretzel breadsticks on a plate with white cheese dipping sauce

We started with pretzel breadsticks, the delicious kind you see at a few other places in town. We should do a whole post listing all the places you can get these same pretzel breadsticks.

horseradish soup and sliced bread with butter

I also want to pause and acknowledge the tomato horseradish soup. It was so good! It had just enough bite without making your nose run. I want to serve tomato horseradish soup for the holidays now, it feels both fancy and like a family recipe for comfort food. Honestly the soup was my favorite part of the meal.

I ended up getting the Gator 'N Grits bowl and Chris got the Meatlovers flatbread pizza. The bits of deep-fried gator were a little tough - I think I'm just a sucker for the novelty of having something you don't get every day. The cheddar grit cake was actually phenomenal, and the andouille sausage was flavorful and hid the blandness of the gator.

But you aren't here to talk about gator, let's talk about the flatbread pizza. It was evenly cooked with a crust sturdy enough to hold up to the toppings without flopping over, and with a pleasant but not overly crispy crunch. Let's just say it was totally decent, fresh toppings, but we're not raving about it and thinking back on the experience I have more fond memories for the horseradish soup than I do for the pizza.

The atmosphere is a winner, and all in all it was a good experience. We would definitely go back for another date night!

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