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Pizza House in Cicero

If you didn't know, Cicero has a fantastic pizza scene including DeLullo's Trattoria, Bronko's Pizza, and 10 West. The cute main drag is book-ended by Morse Reservoir to the west. Although Pizza House is not on the water like the popular Boathouse restaurant, I can verify that you can indeed see the reservoir from the parking lot and patio, although it's not as scenic from across the street.

Pizza House has a bustling carry-out business but they also have a super cute interior that is both modern and laid back. They even have a pizza cave with a fireplace, which is like a cozy lounge that would be great for a group party or when you have too many people for one table but all want to sit together.

The staff is amazing - it seems like the kind of place where all the teenagers in town get summer jobs. Everyone was extremely polite and professional, at first it seemed like kids were running the place until we saw some adults in the back. Haha I really don't mean this in a bad way, it was really endearing and had a close-knit small town vibe. Hoosier Hospitality on display.

breadsticks pizza house in cicero indiana

We started with the Deluxe Breadsticks brushed with garlic butter, parmesan and romano cheese, and Italian seasoning. Chris loved how they were smothered with cheese and seasoning, they were packed with flavor but with only 3 sticks we had to split the last one.

I got the Kelso, which is their take on a chicken bacon ranch pizza with both cheddar and monterey jack cheese. The crust is foldable hand tossed slightly harder on the outer edge giving you something to hold onto. It's not very greasy and has a hint of sweetness; call me crazy but maybe an ever-so-slight hint of animal cracker flavor? Nothing distracting though, the ranch and cheese came together for a creamy savory blend that was balanced (not too ranchy). Sometimes places just add ranch dressing and it steals the show, but this one was a good ratio.

Chris got pepperoni bacon of course, check out his photos showing the cheese on top with chopped (but not overly pulverized) bacon. I don't think he liked it as much as I did, something about the sauce and it starting out good but then fading toward more bland the more he ate. Then again he is a big grease lover so maybe it wasn't dripping enough to his liking.

Me personally, I like the texture and flavor of a slightly sweet crust with a dry underside. Overall good, and a great stop if you're grabbing pizza after a day on the lake or if you are walking the Cicero strip. There is an ice cream place right across the street too that would be the perfect end to a summer evening.

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