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Big Dawg Pizza in Noblesville

Updated: Jul 14

This place is the definition of a hidden gem!! It's attached to a bowling alley so you might think meh it's skippable, but whoa we were immediately impressed. From decor to bar to vibe to grease factor, Big Dawg really hits the spot.

big dawg pizza photo of the outside

Connected to Bowl 32 in Noblesville, Big Dawg has it's own entrance which looks like it also serves as the bar area for the bowling alley. They have gorgeous burnt wood accents and big tables, and axe throwing cages along the side of the room. There is a cozy north woods themed sitting area with a fire place.

The breadsticks are plain but done right to maximize their potential, they are probably just frozen from a bag but they're buttered up and dusted with parmasean cheese and salt. Hey we ain't trying to be fancy just give us the good stuff, these breadsticks are great!

breadsticks at big dawg pizza in noblesville

The pizza is a wheaty crust with plenty of cheese, and we got pepperoni that was juicy and greasy. You can see in the photos when the grease drips out it's a juicy pizza. I would call this borderline between tavern style and New York style because it definitely has the grease to be a tavern pizza but it's on a foldable and fluffier crust.

pizza at big dawg noblesville pepperoni and bacon

We were thinking we'd come back here for axe throwing with the nephews but since it's in a bar area I'm not sure if they have an age restriction. It looked like minors can be in the restaurant area because there is a little zip line rope to designate where the bar begins. Dang this is the kind of place you want to come with a whole group and get a couple pitchers for sure.

We're on to you Big Dawg Pizza, we've lived in Noblesville for 10 years this summer and you can't keep these places a local secret any longer! Be sure to check out the rest of our Indy Pizza Blog content and the Indy Pizza Map on Google.

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