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Bier Brewery in Noblesville

If you live on the north side of Indy, you've probably already heard about Bier Brewery's newest and biggest location in Noblesville. The restaurant sits on what has to be about an acre wooded lot that is all completely mulched over, includes a fenced in dog park, has plenty of outdoor seating and multiple fire pits. The size of the back lot is enough to tell your friends about, and luckily the food and drinks are fantastic too.

The restaurant doesn't have any servers so you walk up to the line and they ask you if you want to open a tab. Every time you get a refill or another beer you go back up to add it to your tab, but there is a special Bier Only line so you don't have to wait behind everyone ordering food just to get another beer.

Chris and I have been twice since they opened - well three times but when we drove up on opening night there was a sign that said the kitchen was closed so we left and came back a few days later.

front door of bier brewery in noblesville

I've tried a handful of their beers and my favorite so far is called PDG. I also tried a flight that they pour for you pretty quickly but then you carry it to your own table using the wooden board with holes cut out. My favorite from the flight was called Wizard Tears. Based on the name you'd think Glitter Blizzard would have been my favorite but PDG is just a good all around beer.

beer flight from bier brewery wizard kolsch space cadet glitter blizzard

Okay this is a pizza blog let's get onto the pizza and cheese bread. We got the Feta Cheese Bread, which doesn't really look or taste much like feta cheese. It's pretty darn good cheese bread, but I'd just call it cheesy bread, don't get thrown off by the word feta in the name.

bier brewery cheese bread feta cheesy bread

The pizza is sort of a New York style cooked on a screen and has a somewhat wheaty taste. It's soft and foldable and holds up to the toppings just fine. The sauce is somewhat thin, minimal, and well blended, rather than being chunky or savory. On the acidic side but not overly acidic.

The cheese bread uses the same dough as the pizza crust. They also have wings and salads. My parents were kinda surprised they don't have burgers as well. But hey for us the pizza is just fine so it's all good.

We love that they offer 12 inch and 16 inch, they are just the perfect sizes. You want a nice hearty size for a personal rather than something smaller like a 10 inch. And 16 inches is just the right amount for two pizza lovers without boxing any up to take home.

We'll likely be back plenty of times this summer as it looks like Bier Brewery in Noblesville is adding a bunch of events and opening up their outdoor beer counter for busy nights to handle the crowds.

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