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Michaelangelo's Italian Bistro in Noblesville

We've been driving by this place for years and finally made the stop, now we are kicking ourselves for not going sooner! Michaelangelo's Italian Bistro is modern without being stuffy. It feels no-nonsense and unique at the same time. The kind of place you can grab pasta carryout for a weeknight, or have an intimate dinner together (like we did on New Year's Eve). We are checking this place off our pizza bucket list finally!

I particularly like the Italian rustic chic look of the front entry with reclaimed wood style flooring and bright red stools. We ended up in a nice booth off to the side. It's nice how the inside creates the feeling of multiple smaller rooms rather than one big seating area.

pepperoni pinwheels with sauce

We started with pepperoni pinwheels and knew right off the bat that this place does legit pizza. The house made pizza dough was cooked to perfection with a gooey cheesy center and zesty pepperoni. The four piece serving was just enough to split before the meal without feeling too heavy. Do not skip the pinwheels, seriously. I mean look at that pizza pinwheel photo, I just want to hang that on my wall!

The pepperoni pizza itself has what I would classify as a biscuit type crust, slightly buttery and fluffy but still having a satisfying weight to it. The golden baked crust was crispy on the bottom but still foldy and soft in the middle. The sauce was on the sweet and acidic side of the spectrum as opposed to a more savory or heavily seasoned sauce.

Overall the pizza was middle of the road, we don't have a bad thing to say about it but it also doesn't leave a big impression. They are doing everything right to execute on a well balanced and well cooked pie - but for us the pinwheels really stole the show and left a bigger impression.

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