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Taylor's Bar & Table at Ingalls

This Taylor's location in Ingalls northeast of Indianapolis. Their Google address says Pendleton but their website says Ingalls. Either way, it's a gorgeous new location that feels very modern like a downtown hotel but also sports-bary at the same time.

They have a great bar and a nice beer list. They have a wider selection of local beers than a typical chain, but I don't know if it's enough to be a total beer destination - but a good mix.

We started with pretzel breadsticks and white queso. Their website says these are their "famous" breadsticks - but if you've been to as many pizza places as we have you start to notice the same pretzel breadsticks at Crafters and Main Street Grille. They were still excellent!

We ordered a large which was massive, way too big for two people but we tried! This would easily be considered an XL at most places. We got double pepperoni and agave bacon. I've never seen agave bacon on a menu before, it's much sweeter than regular bacon and not as salty.

The sweetness masked the flavor of the sauce so we couldn't get a good read on that. I'm not so sure about this bacon color being basically black, that can't be right - right? I picked most of it off and enjoyed the rest of the pizza immensely.

The large hand tossed crust was loaded with large cut pepperoni slices. The cheese had a great flavor and overall it felt like a balanced pie with huge foldable slices. The crust was perfectly cooked.

I think I was a little thrown off by the bacon color that sort of colored my impression of this place. It was good enough to go back, and feels like another one of those gems outside the city that is a huge beacon for the area. The pizza really was good all things considered and great atmosphere too.

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