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Main Street Grille in Greenwood

Meleah recommended Main Street Grille in Greenwood, otherwise we probably wouldn't have known about it - they don't have pizza in the name and it looks like an unassuming pub in a shopping strip. She said something like "they have this big ass pizza oven right when you walk in" :)

wood fired pizza oven main street grille greenwood

This place has wood fired pizza right there in Greenwood, how is it not huge on the Indy pizza scene radar?? According to their Instagram the pizza oven has been there since 2015. More people need to know about this! They were completely skipped over in the list of 48 Indy pizza places. We talked to the owner, and he said tons of people have asked him to open a northside location but he's not having it - northsiders need to get their butts down to Greenwood.

We went on a rainy day and the sight of the wood burning pizza oven warmed our hearts as we walked in. We decided to sit on the covered patio (great lighting) and luckily it was enclosed because it promptly started pouring rain - it felt like we were inside a car wash.

We ordered the pretzel breadsticks and they came out super fast along with the homemade cheese sauce. If they look familiar, we think these are the same wholesale breadsticks that they have at Crafter's, which is fine by us since they are amazing, but not homemade. The golden brown and slightly sweet pretzel patina gives way to a pillowy soft center, and these are lightly salted. The serving of 4 sticks is perfect for two people to split.

I ordered the Boston Special, one of their signature pies, which is a wood fired thin crust with pepperoni, sausage made in house (sliced not crumbled), mushroom and extra cheese. Some really fantastic meats at this place and the sliced sausage was something I’ve never had on a pizza before.

boston special pizza from main street grille greenwood

The sausage is made in house and sliced fresh. I forgot to ask why it's called the Boston Special because I don't think of Boston when I think of sliced homemade sausage but maybe I'm missing something.

Get a load of these massive pepperoni slices! I've never seen pepperoni this big, it throws of the proportion of the photo and makes the pizza look tiny, but each one has to be more than two inches across on this 10" pizza.

The pepperoni isn't made in house but it is also sliced fresh. Quality meats all around! The crust was rather thin with a delicious wood fired char. I don't recall the dough having a distinctive flavor but it was a fantastic canvas that was sturdy enough to hold the large toppings without flopping over without becoming too hard.

This is a fantastic diamond in the rough, it is definitely being overlooked for how good the pizza and fresh toppings were. Head out and get yourself a beer on the patio and enjoy some wood fired thin crust pizza this summer.

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