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Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub in Fishers

We went to the Apple Store at Connor Prairie and then over to Rockstone for an early dinner. Nice little Saturday!

This is one of the very first places we went to eat when we moved to the northeast side and we haven't been back since. Nothing bad, just sort of blended in and was a tiny bit outside our regular driving radius (says the guy who now drives up to Bad Dad in Fairmount once a month).

We actually got there a few minutes before they opened. I really like the interior, I can see why this place has a great pub reputation the bar area was very nice. It looks like they have a mug club on the wall next to the bar, and the dark furniture makes it really cozy.

The breadsticks were amazing. Just a kiss of toasty crunch on the outside and golden buttery fluffy inside. Fantastic! The breadsticks really run the risk of upstaging the pizza in my opinion, watch out!

I just had to get the shrimp bisque pizza because it's all over their website and social media. Plus it's not just shrimp on a pizza but pistachios too. Nuts on pizza can't lose!

Shrimp Bisque pizza from Rockstone in Fishers has roasted shrimp, shrimp bisque sauce, roasted garlic, peppadew peppers, mozzarella, ricotta, and pistachios. Totally unique flavor, I’ve never had anything like it! My philosophy holds true yet again, I’ve never had a pizza with nuts I didn’t like.

A little too much char for me. My guess is first pizza of the day out of the wood fired oven, I think it was running hot and was a little over done.

Chris had double pepperoni and bacon and he said it was pretty good. I guess "pretty good" is why we tried it out and haven't been back all that often. I'd go better than pretty good and say pretty solid. Not my favorite place but glad I went.

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