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PizzAroma in Maumee (Ohio)

Slightly tough sponge crust with glorious old world style pepperoni that have a slight crunch and plenty of grease

Breaking all the rules! This is our first pizza blog post about a place outside the central Indiana area. They do not get a spot on the Indy Pizza Map, but maybe we will have to make another global map for all the pizza places we will inevitably visit over the years.

Over the weekend we were up in Whitehouse, Ohio visiting my in-laws (Chris' parents) and we tried PizzAroma for the first time (view on map). From the name I don't know if I was expecting "roma" style pizza, or pizza with a pleasant "aroma" - but nevertheless, the place was vouched-for by Chris' parents. In fact, I noticed empty PizzAroma boxes in the garage, which is a good sign that they must get it often.

We texted Chris' parents our order on the drive up and the pizza walked into the house right behind us when we arrived, how's that for service! I was stalking their Insta on the drive up and saw @toledopizzaclub had been there, and @toledopizza had a great photo of the old world style pepperoni, so that's what we decided to try.

We also got breadsticks, which were a little overdone and on the chewy side. I scarfed a couple down but I was really eager to get to the pizza itself.

The old world style pepperoni was greasy and meaty with a slight crunch on the rim of each toasted and curled pepperoni cup. The rim of each pepperoni was slightly pale and crispy. The old world style had more of a meaty flavor than regular pepperoni, if that makes any sense at all. It's not quite spicy but more of a rich almost beefy flavor rather than heat. I don't literally think it was beef, I just mean it tasted beef-ish compared to regular bright red pepperoni. It was more savory and a deeper flavor, but still clearly in the pepperoni lane.

The center of the crust was a little thin and flopped over with the weight of the toppings. The crust is a medium thick slightly dense sponge with a good golden brown crisp to it. The edges were just a little tough.

This pizza is all about the texture, crunch and grease of the old world pepperoni!

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