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Maestro Pizza Fish and Chicken in Fishers

We've been driving past Maestro Pizza Fish and Chicken off 37 in Fishers for months wondering "is that place open yet?" I tried calling their phone number on Google and it said not in service - that was back in October.

Fast forward a few more months and it looks like they are finally open as of February 2021! Chris and I were eager to confirm our suspicion that Maestro Pizza would be similar to New York Pizza Garden (e.g. New York Pizza Fish and Chicken) because of the naming convention and halal menu options.

maestro pizza fish and chicken

This place is making it work - no hard feelings for being a hustling small business, but I definitely smiled when I noticed their "Q" shaped Open sign must be from an old Quiznos.

We got the breadsticks and an extra large double pepperoni pizza to try. Then I felt like I was missing out that I didn't try something more exotic. After all, this place also offers some Indian flavors like chicken tikka masala pizza, chicken tandoori pizza, and butter chicken pizza in Fishers, Indiana. I ended up going back the following night by myself to get a Butter Chicken pizza.

It’s a fluffy foldable crust with real cheese and not too greasy, a great anytime pizza. Our suspicion was confirmed, the crust is identical to New York Pizza Fish and Chicken in Fishers. It's soft and pleasantly chewy and doesn't weigh you down. The sauce was unremarkable but the cheese was fantastic.

breadsticks from maestro pizza fish and chicken

The breadsticks came in a styrofoam clamshell and were bronzed and slightly buttery with parmesan and garlic on top. They were really good! I had one and before I even noticed Chris had finished the rest of the batch himself!

My solo butter chicken pizza the next day was okay. I think I was expecting it to be more like Pizza With a Twist that was loaded with cilantro and diced veggies. This was basically chicken and peppers on a pizza except the chicken was tossed in Indian spices. The tomato sauce clashed with the sauce on the chicken, it would be better to do away with the tomato sauce completely and use the Indian sauce as the entire base.

It's always nice to have some more variety around and I hope this local original is successful! Next time I would definitely try some of the other Indian pizzas to see how they are different than the butter chicken one I got.

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