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New York Pizza Garden in Fishers

Pizza like a local and add this place to your regular rotation. Floppy thin crust and gobs of golden cheese just hit the spot.

I forget how we first found out about New York Pizza Garden in Fishers. We'd driven past it plenty of times after moving to Noblesville. I think we must have gotten a coupon in the mail for two large three-toppings for $20 or something ridiculous and figured we'd give it a shot. Ever since then it's been in our regular rotation for the past few years!

It's a small place right next to a liquor store. Great for grab and go, not the kind of place you sit and hang out. They use a conveyor belt pizza oven, so nothing fancy - no authentic Italian brick oven or anything like that. Oh, and I keep calling it New York Pizza Garden because that was the original name and the name that's still listed on Google. I think they just go by New York Pizza now, and they added fish and chicken to their sign.

Let me try to put into words why I love this pizza place so much. There is something about it, you could just eat it every day. The fact that they don't even have their own pizza boxes makes me feel like we found this hidden gem in a little strip behind a gas station.

Chris got pepperoni and extra cheese. He usually gets pepperoni bacon but this place does not have normal bacon, they only have Canadian bacon in case you are interested. The pepperoni was covered in cheese, so our guess is they put the pepperoni on like normal and add cheese to the top if you ask for extra cheese.

The crust is floppy dry thin crust that is bready but not wheaty or yeasty. It's hard to describe. I got sausage mushroom and, aside from getting some nice texture from the mushroom, I don't get a strong impression from the toppings themselves. The overall flavor profile is the just-right crust and the most amazing thick glistening cheese with golden brown patches on top.

The sauce is here and there with the aftertaste but certainly not the main event. It's all about the cheese and crust.

If I were scoring this on a rubric you'd say what's the big deal, why do you love it so much? It breaks all my rules, I don't need bold flavors or fancy ingredients or tangy sauce, I just want to keep eating it. I'm looking back at my financial records and we went to New York Pizza Garden twice in the same week on 3 separate occasions last year!

So I don't know I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. This floppy thin crust and gobs of golden cheese just hit the spot.

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