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King Dough Pizza in Indianapolis

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Amazing experience at King Dough with the Destroyer pizza, a soft warm crust, creamy goat cheese, and sweet heat from hot honey.

Our first visit to King Dough in the Holy Cross neighborhood downtown (view on map). Such a cool area! King Dough itself reminded me of a cross between Mad Max and an IKEA with its exposed metal façade, bike racks, gas fire pit, patio vines and recycling bins, Pacer bikes, screaming metal background music, modern murals, and pizza oven literally named “Thunder Dome.”

The bathroom is grungeworthy and makes me wish we had Indy Pizza Blog stickers because I would have snuck and added one to the wall. I felt cooler just for being here. I felt like headbanging and planting an urban vegetable garden all at once.

I had the Destroyer, which is red sauce, aged mozzarella, rosemary, goat cheese, basil, garlic, KD Italian sausage, and Mike's Hot Honey. It was recommended by @jk_im_hungry and Ali via email, and is going on my list of Indy pizzas you should know by name.

The crust itself is like the words best bread warm, fluffy, and chewy enough without being tough. Then adding the ingredients, it was greater than the sum of its parts. I like how you can individually taste and identify the goat cheese, rosemary, sausage, and hot honey and that they all come together beautifully with a kick of woody sweetness and hint of lingering heat.

Chris got the pepperoni pizza with red sauce, aged mozzarella, oregano, pepperoni, and pecorino. He said the little pools of grease in the cup and char pepperonis were like pepperoni ponds. The blend of cheeses was great, it was nice to have more complexity than just mozzarella. The crust itself reminded Chris of the fougasse bread from Bad Dad Brewing. I had to Google pecorino, it's a hard cheese made of sheep's milk.

We each finished our 14 inch pizzas, but it looks like they also offer 8 inch pies if you want something that's a little more single serving style. The patio heaters were great and even though it was a brisk fall day we were comfortable and the pizzas stayed hot even after a quick pizza photo shoot.

King Dough is in our top 3 places of the year so far along with Bad Dad Brewing and The Missing Brick, it's a real keeper and we'll definitely be back!

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