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The Trap Pizza Rising Star in Indy

This succulent pizza topped with shrimp and crab meat is known as The Trap Pizza from The Missing Brick in Indianapolis.

If you look up Instagram posts for The Missing Brick, you will undoubtedly see photos of The Trap Pizza. I believe it's named after Chef Oya's The TRAP seafood restaurant because it includes OG Garlic Herb Trap Buttah in the toppings.

One of the cool things about The Brick is that they include local ingredients from other black-owned businesses in Indianapolis, so when the pizza sells (and it's selling!) these local ingredients and businesses are elevated along with it.

seafood pizza Indianapolis shrimp and crab meat

The Trap includes shrimp (at least one big one on each slice), crab, mozzarella, fresh parsley, and green onion. It's topped with both the Trap Buttah mentioned above, along with Young Bae signature seasoning from "spice slanger" Foodlovetog, which is described as a Chesapeake style seasoning with a twist.

Okay so that's the back story, on to the pizza itself. Chris and I shared some Dough Buds and he focused on the basics in his post. I'll focus on The Trap in this post.

When I first saw the pizza, I noticed the little pools of grease and cheese glistening in the sun - and parsley and green onion sprinkled on top with healthy dashes of the spice. I was assuming the spice would be a Cajun flavor but it was more east coast.

It's important to establish that this is definitely a pizza first and seafood second. I was a little worried it would cross over into seafood flatbread and be too buttery, but it is distinctly pizza with generous portions of real mozzarella cheese that mix with the crab meat and garlic butter sauce into an gooey goodness. The huge shrimp are spread out so you have at least on big one on each slice. There is just a bit of saltiness in the shrimp, but very fresh and not overly seafood-y. They were tender and just right.

The parsley further hinted at seafood and gave me little flashes of shrimp cocktail but very subtle, and the green onion jumps out and cuts through the butter so it doesn't taste so heavy. This 12 inch pizza is definitely a heavy hitter though. If you are used to a 10 inch personal pizza, you will be stuffed.

The crust was a firm thin crust but nicely chewy. I would probably consider it closer to an old world crust but thinner. It held up to the weight of all that cheese and shrimp, but the very outer edges were just a little too tough and a little harder than the rest. You gotta put your phone down to eat The Trap Pizza or it will be covered in grease and buttery goodness. Grab a few handfuls of paper towel and dig in!

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