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Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza in Lawrence

Updated: May 8, 2021

Not only did Jockamo's get featured in Indy Monthly's top 48 pizza places in Indianapolis, they were named the best pizza place in the state of Indiana by Food Insider. That's a bold claim, and must have been a difficult list to put together (they attempted to name the best pizza place in all 50 states). We've been a couple times, but not since starting the blog - so when Chris went there for a work social I asked him to bring me back my own pizza so that we can get this place into the blogosphere for real.

jockamo upper crust pizza box

Jockamo's (nobody I know calls it Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza) is known for their toppings and a thin-ish less greasy elevated tavern pizza that is the closest thing Indy has to its own style. Just check out the menu on their website, they have seafood, Thai, eggplant, potato, and taco pizzas to name a few.

I got a severely meaty pizza known as Slaughterhouse Five, this famous pie has pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon & Italian beef. Slaughterhouse Five is also the title of the breakthrough novel by Indy-born author Kurt Vonnegut. I'm thinking of adding this one to the list of Indy pizzas you should know by name, it seems to have some name recognition. Do kids today still know who Kurt Vonnegut is? I read Cat's Cradle for fun in middle school and felt naughty and rebellious.

Slaughterhouse Five pizza photo

Anyway, on to the pizza. It's difficult for what's basically a multi-meat-pie to stand out, but for some reason the Slaughterhouse Five stands out. The ham is shredded, bacon is candyfied, sausage is crumbled, and the Italian beef comes in chunks big enough to chew on - so you get both a combined flavor and pockets of individual highlights.

The crust takes on the task of holding all this weight without needing to be overly hard or crisp. The pizza is deceptively thin for the amount of toppings, and it remains foldable and evenly cooked to the center.

There are so many signature pies to try at Jockamo's I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface. Which is your favorite?

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1 comentario

Mark Rumreich
Mark Rumreich
01 sept 2021

Jockamo's is one of Indy's best. If you're not afraid of some heat, try the Dillinger

(Spicy giardiniera, pepperoni, ham, Italian beef). It's my favorite of their specialty pizzas.

Me gusta
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