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Jet's Detroit-Style Deep Dish with Turbo Crust

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

This all-corner Detroit-style has glistening crispy edges and thick spongy crust.

I owe Jet's an apology, I used to make fun of Chris for getting the Turbo Crust on Jet's Detroit-style deep dish because it would make the entire car smell like garlic and romano cheese for days. But after having 4 edge pieces of my own, this golden sponge has made a believer out of me!

jets pizza box on a table

Turbo Crust consists of butter, garlic, and romano cheese brushed on the edges all the way around. I can't really tell the difference between parmesan and romano, all I know is it makes my face smell the rest of the day.

jets detroit style pizza 8 corner pieces

I took notes while I was eating, which was difficult because the buttery crust was like a drippy sponge of goodness - not soggy, golden brown but definitely not what I would call airy. Luscious is a good word for this crust, with a hint of sweetness.

There is a fair amount of sauce, enough to squish through the toppings when you take a bite, but not too much. I tried some of the sauce by itself and actually thought it was somewhat sour. The pepperoni's didn't really stand out, I really just got lost in the overall juiciness of each corner piece and each chewy crispy rim.

jet's pizza with turbo crust

Being completely honest, if you close your eyes and imagine yourself in an fancy restaurant or pub and order the Detroit style pizza and then this pizza shows up, you would think it was God's gift. It's a little on the greasy side, but they give the people what they want. A little spicier pepperoni would make this for me, and the cheese was kinda overshadowed by the crust.

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