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Green Stripe from Blaze on High-Rise Crust

The thicker crust would be great to try with greasy toppings, but this Green Stripe basically turned into a large sandwich.

I got to pop over to Blaze Pizza by the IUPUI campus for a quick bite at lunch today. I met up with my associate Matt. Hi Matt, you're in my blog! It was an interesting fork in the road from a blogging perspective, because up until now Chris and I have been trying out pizza places together. Am I allowed to blog about it if we weren't together? Did I cheat on Chris and get pizza behind his back? Scandal.

If you are just here to read about the Green Stripe from Blaze Pizza you probably don't care about any of that, haha.

So I've already talked about Blaze in this previous post, but now I'm allowed to add the IUPUI location to the Indy Pizza Map. Woot! I also tried something totally different and got the High-Rise crust for an extra $2. It's a thicker rising crust if you can't tell by the name. It took about twice as long to cook by the way.

blaze green stripe arugula pizza

The Green Stripe has pesto drizzle over grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, chopped garlic, mozzarella and arugula. It gets the name because there is no red or white sauce on the crust itself, the pesto drizzle is added after the fact in a zig-zag pattern. Of course you can't see any of that because there is a handful or arugula on top.

Here's what I thought. First of all the crust wasn't cut all the way, and because the arugula was piled on top I couldn't even see where the slices were supposed to be - so I was ripping and pulling at it. The chicken and peppers had a good flavor when you could find them, honestly it was a lot of arugula.

arugala on pizza

The high-rise dough was light and airy with big air pockets toward the edge. For a fast fired dough the topography was pretty impressive. The nooks and crannies would have been really great to catch pockets of sauce if this pizza had any real sauce.

arugula peppers chicken and pesto pizza

By the end I was folding huge hunks of crust over itself to eat it more like a pita pocket or thick sandwich. The arugula was just falling all over the place. I don't remember much about the pesto, it wasn't especially spicy, sweet, or sour. I know I keep going on and on about the arugula. I actually love arugula. But the peppery arugula and airy dough are my only takeaways. I would love to try it again with a greasier lineup of toppings because I think this big boy dough could handle it.

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