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Art Lover from Blaze Pizza

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Unevenly spread toppings that look like abstract art, which will leave you hunting through sauce for veins of ricotta gold.

In order to cut down on huge crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaze Pizza extended their Blaze Pi Day offer from March 14th through the end of the calendar year. So if you have the Blaze app, you might still have a chance at a $3.14 pizza if you haven't used it yet.

Note the Pi Day deal is available for original crust 11-inch pizzas only, and there is an upcharge for gluten-free, Keto, and cauliflower crusts.

When we got to Blaze around peak lunch time, it wasn't too busy and we noticed all the dine in tables were spread out and there was some patio seating in the shade at the Fishers location - so it was actually perfect to be able to eat outside (and with good lighting for photos).

I went with the Art Lover pizza, and full disclosure it wasn't until I was half way done eating it that I realized 'art lover' is referring to the artichokes and not the fact that it looks like abstract art (facepalm).

The 11-inch Art Lover pizza includes artichokes, mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, red sauce dollops (710 calories).

Can I please have all ricotta cheese? Just a tray of it? The ricotta was absolutely my favorite part of the pizza, and I think it was my first time having it on pizza. If you're not familiar with ricotta, it's like the cheese that's inside ravioli or stuffed shells. So picture big gobs of that on a pizza combined with the acidic red sauce and sea salt sprinkled on top.

photo of art lover artichoke and ricotta pizza from blaze

The artichoke hearts were okay - for a pizza named after the artichokes it didn't really seem like they were the star. They were all different sizes, some were just strips and some were chunkier artichoke hearts sections.

My main critique of this pizza is that everything is separated into different sections, which unfortunately seems like the point of having dollops of sauce and not just even sauce. So the dollops of ricotta were like veins of cheesy gold hidden in the pizza geography. Personally, I'd like a more even coverage of the cheese and sauce, but then I guess I wouldn't have the experience of the ricotta in such contrast.

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