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Diavola Pizzeria

Diavola has been on our bucket list since we started the blog last summer. Not only do the photos online look amazing, it also made the top 48 list from Indy Monthly. This place just south of Broad Ripple is a combination of adorable and edgy. It's in a small strip with an art gallery and a cupcake store, they take reservations, and it has a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating.

We had reservations for 5:30 and they opened at 5:00pm. It would have been easy to get a table that early anyway, but having a reservation is good peace of mind. Right when you walk in you see the massive pizza oven and delightful interior that combines wine bar vibes with ultra modern light fixtures and an entirely black ceiling, black tables, and combination of antique and grunge decor. We felt super fancy with our bottle of still table water. We went yesterday during Devour Indy but we didn't do the devour menu we wanted full pizzas to ourselves.

I had been eyeing the menu ahead of time and I went with the Truffle Funghi, which includes truffle oil, burrata, Italian sausage, roasted mushroom, Italian garlic, and basil. Our waitress said it was her favorite pizza and recommended adding sun dried tomato to give it some extra chewy bits for texture.

Our pizzas came out quick! The pizza was absolutely phenomenal, the crust was glorious and came out warm, fluffy, soft, foldable, and with leopard spots. It had hints of char and tasted like an amazing flatbread you could just eat by itself. The burrata was in pools on top rather than in a ball that you break open yourself, and it oozed to combine the sausage and mushrooms together. The hint of sour from the sun dried tomato and occasional whole basil leaf really cleansed the palate and brightened up the gooeyness.

The crust was the best part, it reminded me of King Dough, and it immediately catapults Diavola into my top 5 in Indy. This is exactly the kind of pizza I like, the warm fluffy Neapolitan style that doesn't get too thin toward the center.

Chris got pepperoni and bacon with parmesan cheese. He said it was the freshest mozzarella in the city. He said the bacon was great, he didn't taste as much of the pepperoni and when we go back he'll get double pepperoni. It wasn't a heavy pizza so it was easy to eat the whole thing and not feel stuffed. A pizza you could share with someone else if you wanted to try an appetizer with it.

There's a lot about this place we still haven't experienced with great looking deserts. We were in and out in 30 minutes! Loved it, can't wait to go back to try more things on the menu. I'd love to sit outside when it's not 90 degrees, or make a reservation ahead of time for a birthday dinner knowing I'll have a table waiting.

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