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Deep Dish Pizza from Giordano's

Our 99th pizza place in Indy was Giordano's on the north side of Indy. Chris and I went on an impromptu lunch date on our days off. Notice I said Chris and I - because our site has been getting scraped and our content stolen and put on other blogs verbatim. It sucks, but there's not much we can do other than password protect our site. This does give us a chance to link back to our own pizza blog though - so if you're reading this on anything other than you should probably come over to the original site.

Giordano's was pretty quiet around lunchtime on a weekday. We got a nice big booth to ourselves. The interior was cute and the patio looked nice too but it was a little too hot to eat deep dish pizza outside.

We started with a Caesar salad and mozzarella triangles with marinara sauce. The salad was top notch with shaved parmesan cheese in a chilled bowl. Nothing beats an ice cold Caesar. The mozzarella triangles were really good and cooked just right with a crisp outer breaded shell and plenty of gooey cheese inside. The marinara sauce was simple and acidic and not really seasoned all that well in our opinion.

On to the main dish, we got a stuffed deep dish with pepperoni and bacon. The crust looks just like a pie crust, it's sturdy on the edges and flakey, and thinner in the middle but still holds up because the sauce is on top and cheese is separate in the stuffed middle part. If you want to get a cheese pull video for social media, Giordano's is a 100% sure bet.

The meats were solid but the sauce may have been the weak link here. Still good overall and just as good reheated at home for leftovers. In terms of stuffed deep dish pizza, it looks like Aurelio's still holds the top spot in our opinion.

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