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Chatham Tap in Fishers

Updated: Jul 14

It's been the summer of PTO day lunch dates and we recently checked out Chatham Tap in Fishers to try their pizza and breadsticks. Chatham Tap has three Indy locations with a soccer sports bar pub atmosphere. They are known for their large location within throwing distance of Butler's campus.

When you think English pub you don't automatically think pizza place, but the menu includes seven specialty pizzas and extensive topping list.

chatham tap breadsticks

We started with an order of breadsticks with cheese and marinara dipping sauces. These things were amazing! Light and fluffy, warm and slightly peppery with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. These breadsticks really stood out, the seasoning was just different enough and they were warm and airy - I could eat these for a meal.

We each ordered small pizzas to ourselves and this is where our experiences diverged. I tried to get fancy by ordering one of the specialty pizzas. I got the El Evaristo, which includes black beans and corn salsa, chorizo, diced jalapenos, cheddar, mozzarella, avocado and cilantro. I was sold at avocado and cilantro honestly.

pizza with cilantro and avocado

Each of the ingredients were fine but the pizza didn't really come together, it just tasted like taco ingredients on a pizza crust. You might be thinking, duh that's what you ordered, it was just meh.

I should have taken a page from Chris and just got something simple like his pepperoni and bacon. This thing was loaded with so much cheese he wanted me to make sure I mentioned that it was "filthy with cheese" - and the meats were spicy, salty, savory all in one. I ended up having one of his re-heated pieces for dinner and throwing out the two pieces of my pizza that I took home.

pepperoni bacon pizza from chatham tap

I'm so jealous, I want to go back so I can get a simple pizza and redeem myself.

I feel like more and more places are trying to diversify and offer a cheeseburger pizza, a taco pizza, a chicken bacon ranch pizza, just to feel like the menu is rounded out. I need to learn that unless it's a specialty they are particularly known for that it's often better to stick with the basics that are harder to screw up. In this case a simple pepperoni bacon was mind blowing but my taco pizza was disappointing.

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