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Aurelio’s Pizza Thin Crust

This somewhat heavy feeling thin crust definitely doesn't top their famous stuffed deep dish, but is worth a try.

This is Aurelio’s Pizza (view on map) thin crust with pepperoni and bacon. They are really known for their stuffed deep dish, and we have an entire separate blog post all about it. But, they do bring their Chicago style to the thin crust game - in fact, at first I didn't really like the stuffed deep dish and I would always get a thin crust chicken mushroom while Chris got the stuffed deep dish. But now it's like my taste has flipped.

Their thin crust is relatively doughy for a thin crust and has pleasant crispy cheese around the edge. It’s heavy on sauce, which squeezes out when you bite into it. Aurelio's has amazing sauce, so being a little heavy handed on sauce even on a thin crust is fine by me.

For me, the toppings got lost in the dominant flavor of cheesy + salty + doughy with a dash of oregano. It was rather salty and just felt heavy. Not bad but we both prefer the stuffed deep dish.

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