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Art's Pizza No. 1 in Anderson

Art's Pizza in Anderson was recommended to us by my co-worker Dylain, he said he went there a few times in the same week while helping someone move. It definitely has a local reputation and loyal following - I imagine probably the Anderson version of how Lafayette feels about the original Arni's location, which is what my parents grew up on. A hometown favorite from the 50's / 60's era.

The place smells like my grandma's basement in a nostalgic way not in a gross way. There is a long dim hallway that opens up into a bizarre rotunda with a fountain. I wish I had a penny to throw in and make a wish! If you're wondering, the location with the fountain is the Broadway location. It's not clear from their Instagram which location is which so if you see photos tagged at Art's Pizza it's probably both.

We started with the garlic bread with cheese, I got a huge cheap Coors Lite and Chris got a diet coke in an absolutely massive fountain cup. I know it's weird to talk about the size of the fountain glasses, but it must have been 24 ounces it was massive. I even took a picture of it.

The garlic bread with cheese was fantastic, the bread itself is light and flakey and the gobs of cheese were the real deal. You know, like when the cheese has that REAL cheese cheesy flavor to it? You know what I mean!

pooches with BBQ sauce

The pizza I got was called Pooches, which is pepperoni, sausage, and ham - named after one of the former owners. The waitress recommended it with BBQ sauce so I said sure thing! Art’s has some of the best cheese I’ve had in a long time and generous edge to edge toppings. The cheese on top of the toppings led to a little bit of cheese blanket splitting off from the dusting of sausage underneath, but it was fine.

I'm not sure what you would call this cut of pizza, it's sliced like cheesy bread right down the middle and then into strips. It's not quite party cut but not triangular slices either. The crust itself is thin-ish but still holds up to the toppings and isn't crunchy.

Chris of course got pepperoni and bacon, and the long narrow strips were delicious with heaps of cheese and a dusting of seasoning on top. I think next time we go back I'll keep it simple and just get a sausage pizza.

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1 comentário

Mark Rumreich
Mark Rumreich
01 de set. de 2021

Art's is the best pizza I've found in Anderson. Sorry Pizza King.

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