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Zionsville Pizzeria

This was our first time back in 5 years or so, and the cute historic downtown still reminds me of a small lakefront community up on lake Erie or something. The kind of place where you have a vacation cabin and come into town for supplies to make s'mores or something.

The place was quiet with a small shady patio out front, but we sat inside by the large windows. There was only one server, but then again it was in the middle of the day (off hours) on a Saturday. I ordered a beer and she said she wasn't old enough to serve it to me so I got a Diet Coke instead.

This was my first time having burrata, it’s a mozzarella shell stuffed with a creamy inside, a top of pesto sauce, peppadew peppers, and drizzled with a balsamic glaze served with french bread. It was super good! It didn't pop open and ooze quite like some burrata porn videos on Instagram but it was the consistency of mozzarella on the outside and creamy like cottage cheese on the inside. If that sounds gross to you, that's okay we can still be friends, but I really liked it. I used a knife to spread the gooey insides on the toasted bread.

We also got regular breadsticks and I let Chris have most of those. They look over done or burned in the photos but they were just brown because of the garlic butter glaze that is similar to the pizza crust itself.

zionsville pizzeria breadsticks

Chris and I both got heavy meaty pizzas, they look very similar in the photos. Chris got double pepperoni and bacon and I got the Meat Lover.

This is the Meat Lover from Zionsville Pizzeria - someone said in a review that it was their favorite so I tried it. Check out this great cheese pull video we got:

The Meat Lover has pepperoni, zesty Italian sausage, salami, bacon, & ham. If you like “meat candy” the bacon does not disappoint and there is plenty of it.

The crust is brushed with garlic butter and it is pleasantly fluffy but still feels somewhat heavy, maybe it was the breadsticks and burrata but we both ended up taking pizza home that left a big greasy spot in the box. This really hits the spot when you want a hearty pizza.

Chris' double pepperoni and bacon looks very similar but you can tell from the diced ham chunks that they are different, along with the salami and Italian sausage on mine. His also had a plump buttery crust piled with toppings, just greasy enough - not pooling but you’ll definitely need a napkin.

pepperoni and bacon pizza

They also have vegan cheese and sausage and pizza bowls that would be interesting to try. Baked goat cheese is another starter item that I had my eye on but we already got two starters this time. I think next time I'll get the margherita pizza and see what a traditionally lighter pizza is like on their hand tossed crust.

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