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Ultimate 4 Cheese from Donatos

Thin spongy crust and satisfying variety of cheese flavors from tangy to creamy.

Check out this Donatos specialty pizza the Ultimate 4 Cheese on their famous thin crust. The Ultimate 4 Cheese pizza includes smoked Provolone, fresh mozzarella, Asiago, and Romano cheeses. Donatos direct messaged us with a free coupon code on Instagram, sweet!

Honestly this might be the first time I’ve had Donatos fresh from the shop - it’s usually the kind of pizza that’s left over in the break room after office events. I work at IUPUI and so we have a lot of student events and socials and the campus has a house account with Donatos. I should say we used to have a lot of student events pre-COVID.

The thin crust is a very thin sponge not like a flakey or crunchy crust really. I think it's funny how they call their thin crust "famous thin" so that when you describe it as "famous thin crust" it sounds like you agree that it's famous.

donatos ultimate four cheese

The 4 cheese blend was superb with a deep complex flavor, waves of savory, tangy, and creamy. I think their main cheese is a smoky provolone, so the white spots must be medallions of fresh mozzarella. It’s light on sauce and the asiago cheese smell lingers after you eat it. There was an aroma of oregano but otherwise the predominant experience is nicely baked cheese.

One side was a little too crisp, probably a hot spot in the oven. Ate the whole thing for lunch!

Chris said it would be nice if they used this 4-cheese as the base for their other pizzas. By itself, I guess it was complex enough to be a specialty pizza, but use this as the starting point and throw some pepperoni and sausage on top and that would be incredible. I bet the cheese is expensive so it's basically considered premium toppings already and adding anything else would cut into their margins.

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