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Sweet Earth Protein Lover's Frozen Pizza Review

Not quite pepperoni, but definitely a zesty nutty smoky everything bagel combination that packs more flavor than some meaty alternatives.

After being pleasantly surprised by the Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's frozen pizza, I decided to give the Protein Lover's pizza a shot. It looked like it was using a similar crust, which was a highlight last time - so I figured it had to be at least half good.

Upon closer inspection, the veggie lover's crust included cornmeal and carrots, and the protein lover's swapped those out for quinoa and flax seeds.

Again, I'm not anti-GMO or vegan or anything like that, I'm just curious about these non-traditional pizzas and I think it's great to see some innovation in the frozen pizza space.

I was once again impressed with the look of even the still frozen pizza. It looks like the bell peppers are in strips instead of tiny cubes, and there were some apparent grill marks on some of the peppers.

The proteins in this pizza are Planet Pepperoni and Tuscan Savory Grounds, both of which appear to be trademarks of Sweet Earth. The Planet Pepperoni is a rusty brown color and when cooked looked sort of delicate like it was coming apart - so it's not going to trick anyone into thinking it's real pepperoni, but it still puts out that pizza vibe.

The crust was great - similar to last time, the flavor of the crust sort of reminds me of an everything bagel in a good way. It was foldable but not floppy.

The fennel seeds help make the sausage passable because that's a seasoning I really associated with pizza sausage. The texture wasn't quite sausage, but it was ground up meaty fennel seed flavor so it was approximately sausage. I don't think I ever got full pepperoni flavor. My overall impression was earthy with a lot of zing - like mushrooms combined with the zesty marinara. It was a flavorful and zippy frozen pizza.

Way more flavor than some non-vegetarian frozen pizzas, but not quite pepperoni. I can't quite place the vague nutty smoky tomato flavor. Not bad at all!

I would consider this vegan pizza a success, I'd get it again. That's two for two from Sweet Earth!

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