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Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Frozen Pizza Review

Pleasantly surprised but let's not over-do it. Best vegan frozen pizza I've tried, with actual chunky vegetables and a crust that tastes like an everything bagel.

Alright I'm not a vegan but I like trying new things. I'm not gonna lie, when Chris showed me this in the store I was like "alright looks different, let's give it a shot" but when I got home and got a closer look I started getting worried.

For real though, when I saw the logo of the farmer meditating or doing yoga, I was nervous about whether this thing would be edible or if it would taste like bird seed.

What sold me on getting the Sweet Earth frozen pizza was the photo on the front. The Veggie Lover's looked like it was packed with stuff you don't usually see on a pizza like broccoli and brussels sprouts. I chuckled a little when I read the back of the box. They were trying to spice up the veggies with descriptors like "hearty broccoli" and "earthy mushrooms" and all they could come up with for brussels sprouts was "brussels sprouts oh yeah!" haha.

Another thing I learned the last time I tried some hippie frozen pizza is that the box is covered in words and you have to look closely to figure out what's actually going on. Like there is a list of ingredients just for the crust itself, and then a separate list for the toppings. This crust is cornmeal, chia seeds, psyllium (see also: fiber laxative), and carrots. The toppings are broccoli, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, corn, "and much more."

Let's cook this bad boy and get down to business. Right out of the box I noticed that the toppings were evenly distributed and that the veggies were actual veggies not little diced cubed pieces. So if you like veggies, good news you actually get some on here.

I followed the directions and I liked how they didn't give a huge range of cook time from 16-24 minutes, they just say 16 minutes, do it.

It looks pretty good, the crust managed to crisp up a bit in the oven, but how does it taste? Actually, pretty good all things considered. The crust reminds me of a mix between an everything bagel, a cracker, and a pita. It's sort of soft but sort of firm, not really crunchy, not plump like a bagel, but tastes like an everything bagel with all the seeds and stuff on it.

Overall you can taste the individual ingredients but you also get an overall impression of the slightly tangy cauliflower sauce and the red sauce that went well with some of the heartier veggies. It was sort of like a deconstructed vegetable soup. I appreciated how the cheese wasn't burnt on the ends even though the crust was able to crisp up.

I would get this again, it really held up all things considered. Nice change of pace and feels like I got a whole serving of veggies with my meal. I'll go ahead and say best vegan non-wheat whatever whatever frozen pizza I've had. Well done you meditating farmer you!

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