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Smokehouse Brisket and Tony's Big Pie from BoomBozz

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Tony's Big Pie can be a personal pizza if you try hard enough. BoomBozz is consistently one of our favorite places, but the smokehouse brisket was more like thick bacon.

We love taking family to BoomBozz when they are in town. Its consistency and award winning originals make it a sure bet that everyone will find something they like. We started with a full order (6 piece) of their mouth-watering soft pretzel breadsticks with house-made beer cheese queso.

soft pretzel breadsticks on white plate with bowl of beer cheese queso dip

They are every bit as good as they look - the soft pretzel crust has almost a caramelized sweetness to it that makes me wonder what they would taste like with vanilla ice cream instead of beer cheese queso. There is just a hint of sweetness though, so you definitely don't get sick of it even after two or three to yourself. I like to put them on a plate and spoon the beer cheese right over the top and eat them with a knife and fork. A smothered log of deliciousness. Save the left over cheese for your pizza crust when the main course arrives.

Chris always gets the same thing, Tony's Big Pie - it's New York style goodness and totally foldable but not floppy. The pepperoni and bacon are almost hidden by the generous portions of cheese. Chris doesn't like the little slices of basil but I think it makes it look nice and also gives you a little kick freshness here and there.

Chris says the crust doesn't taste exactly like the crust in New York probably because of the difference in municipal water, and Tony's Big Pie is also slightly less greasy than a typical NYC slice. Look at the photo above, the empty pan is almost dry. Chris also said the special New York style sauce they use on Tony's Big Pie isn't very acidic and almost has a peppery-ness to it but very subtle.

I usually get the Chicken Sausage Peppadew when I come to BoomBozz, but this time I got the Smokehouse Brisket. I've been on a brisket kick since we had City BBQ over the weekend. BoomBozz was my first exposure to the Peppadew pepper, and they use it on several recipes.

I thought the Smokehouse Brisket pizza was good but overall too sweet. I just had a little individual size and by the end I was sweetened out. The toppings include Slow-Smoked Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Sweet Peppadew Peppers, Bacon, Red Onions, Asiago & Mozzarella Cheese with Fresh Cilantro. The combination of BBQ sauce and peppadew peppers is double the sweetness, and I was craving something salty or bitter to mix it up. The cilantro actually does a decent job cutting the sweetness and is only noticeable in the aftertaste. The brisket also gets lost in the peppers - and it didn't look like brisket from a BBQ joint, it was more like thick bacon.

indy pizza blog chris and eric at boombozz northside

I can be picky about BoomBozz because they've already earned my love - like criticizing a family member. It doesn't change anything about our relationship, BoomBozz, we love you and will see you again soon.


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