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Private Selection Doppio Pepperoni & Mozzarella from Kroger

Okay so as I'm getting ready to write this post, I'm searching for more information on "doppio" pepperoni. It must be some special kind of pepperoni - some signature aged delicacy from some small town in Italy, or maybe Germany because the frozen pizza box says product of Germany write on the front. Soooo doppio is just Italian for "double" it's a double pepperoni pizza (facepalm).

Private Selection Doppio Pepperoni and Mozzarella from Kroger

Feel dumb yet? Let's keep going - this private selection pizza is made with "pomodoro tomato sauce" fancy, right? Let's look up where pomodoro tomatoes come from. Pomodoro is just Italian for "tomato" so this pizza is made with "tomato tomato sauce."

The product description lists "Large rounds of spicy pepperoni, small pepperoni slices, and calabrese salami are complemented by low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese and generous shaves of Grana Padano with a dash of red pepper flakes" so it's actually a triple meat double cheese pizza. Maybe they should rename the pizza tripla carne doppio formaggio.

Alright alright I'll stop picking apart the box and cook this pizza. The crust is great with a nice crunch but also flexible. The tomato tomato sauce is a little acidic and under seasoned, I wonder with all the pepperoni if they were trying to go a little more basic with the sauce. For some reason the combination is fairly acidic but still meaty.

I added some Mike's Hot Honey and the sweetness really evened things out and cut through the acidity. It wasn't a terrible pizza before but the hot honey really made it into something much nicer.

If you're a pepperoni fan, give it a try. Again not sure why it tasted a bit too acidic at first. I'm not rushing to get it again but it was a nice change of pace. Get yourself some hot honey just in case.

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