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Outsiders Detroit Style Pizza (Pepperoni Cups)

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This big boy! The crust was pillowey and buttery inside, with the perfect burnt cheesey edge around the outside.

Detroit style pizza is having a hay-day, and it's no surprise that everyone is falling in love with the crispy edges and thick squares. With a lackluster showing from our last Outsiders experience, I was surprised when Chris reached for this box in the freezer aisle. This thing is a heavyweight - the vertical rectangle shape and pepperoni cups make it stand out in the store.

guy with glasses holds pizza box in the kitchen

I came out of the shower and Chris said "Eric! Hold your breath and then walk into the kitchen, I want to see the look on your face when you smell it." What a weird thing to say, but for sure it had an awesome smell.

"I would bake this pizza just for the way it makes the house smell!" The pepperoni aroma gave off a smokey bacon vibe.

We were promised pepperoni cups and sure enough, these cute little things curled up like glistening flowers, or octopus tentacles, use your imagination. One issue we noticed is that while the pizza is entirely covered with pepperoni before they bake, once they curl up it looks like we're missing some - 50% more pepperoni would really make this!

Chris says "the crust was life," I think he's being dramatic - it was buttery and puffy and deep, but let's not get carried away. It had a hint of something slightly sour or yeasty in a good way. Chris even said he got a whiff of beer at one point, which makes me think yeasty dough. Is beer crust pizza a thing? Maybe it should be!

The crispy edge was the shining star. Would get again. Chris liked it a little more than I did, he claims it's his new go-to frozen pizza.


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