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We Tried to be Outsiders

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The cornmeal crust is the best part, but the bland acidic sauce on top completely dominates and hides the other toppings.

Ya'll we really tried. We went into this one with high hopes. I even got Chris to pose with the box and the company gave him a shoutout on Insta - which is why it's so sad that we have to report back that this Chicago style pepperoni oven pizza from Outsiders was just one big meh.

We couldn't even taste cheese, it's all sauce. And I'm no stranger to a Chicago style breadbowl of sauce, they can be very good when done right.

We're really not trying to be mean. It did not pass the garlic salt test... you see, any pizza either made or consumed in our household is at risk of being doused in a sandstorm of garlic salt from the same shaker we keep refilling. Chris has been known to sneak this with him into restaurants!

The most interesting thing about this pizza was the way it looked when it was frozen. What did they do, freeze the sauce mid drip? I've never seen little frozen drip puddles like that, it looks kinda freaky.

frozen outsiders pepperoni chicago style pizza

Alright that's all I have to say about this pizza.


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