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Mozzi's Pizza in Greenfield

The pan style Pepperoni Plus was a slam dunk at this basketball themed pizza place, but the Chicken Fajita Pizza didn't really come together.

We went to check out a place we'd never been before called Mozzi's Pizza (view on map) with my friends from work. They have five locations in Hancock County. I guess they are pretty known for their pizza buffet, but during COVID they didn't have a buffet open.

The interior was really interesting, they had tons of basketball memorabilia like shoes, jerseys, signed magazines and balls. Pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing. I don't watch a lot of basketball but it was a fun change of pace and seeing the huge shoe sizes was neat.

We ordered the pepperoni sticks but ended up getting deluxe breadsticks by mistake I think. No big deal because they looked great with sliced cheese melted over the top of the whole thing and then parmasean cheese on top of that. The breadsticks reminded Chris of a restaurant near his hometown called Mom's Diner in Archbold, Ohio.

mozzi pizza breadsticks

Matt and Kristin got the Mozzi's Bread, which was like an entire small pizza brushed with garlic butter and covered edge to edge in cheese.

mozzi bread

I had the Chicken Fajita Pizza and I gotta say I was a little underwhelmed. The crust was the best part, a nice thin spongy hand-tossed texture that was foldable and not too bready - but the toppings were super generic and did not cook together. According to the menu, the Chicken Fajita Pizza is "signature con queso cheese sauce covered with Mozzi's special blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheese. Topped with tender strips of grilled chicken breast, fresh red onions, black olives, and nacho cheese." The chicken was pre-cooked strips like you'd find in a freezer bag at Target.

The black olives and red onions didn't even look like they went through an oven, they looked fresh but almost like they were added on top after the nacho cheese pizza was finished. Look closely at the photos, the onions are bright white, if they were cooked they would be clear. It was sorta like when you get your sandwich toasted at Subway, it's just enough to melt the cheese but it's not cooking the vegetables.

The crust was super promising, I'm now regretting chasing this novelty pizza instead of just ordering something basic because I believe this place delivers on the fundamentals.

Chris, on the other hand, absolutely loved his pan style Pepperoni Plus pizza (double the pepperoni and double the cheese). He said it was light and fluffy and just the right amount of sauce. Great buttery flavor with caramelized edges like you'd find in a Detroit style deep dish. As soon as he bit into it he could tell it was going to be pepperoni infused flavors in every bite. It had layers with sauce, pepperoni, cheese, pepperoni and cheese again. Pepperoni Plus, baby! He said he would absolutely come back again for the Pepperoni Plus. Worth the 30 minute drive from our place.

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