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Motor City Pizza Co. Three Meat Detroit-Style Deep Dish

If you didn't know, Detroit style pizza is taking over the world. It's so hot right now! So it's the perfect time to try this three meat (pepperoni, sausage, and bacon) frozen pizza from the Motor City Pizza Company.

This pizza comes in a square deep tray that goes right in the oven. We stored it sideways so all the toppings fell off, but that was actually fine because Chris made the pizza into a half and half putting most of the sausage on my side.

We can confirm, that as Motor City Pizza Co claims on their Instagram page, that it does indeed have thick, airy, buttery crust. In fact, this crust is phenomenal. This crust de-thrones the next best Detroit style frozen pizza, which was from Outsiders. It's the new favorite.

motor city pizza co three meat detroit style

Why so good? The toppings were decent, the sauce was honestly forgettable, but it is all about the crust. These airy sponges give enough support that they don't flop and they stay just crunchy enough while being fully saturated with buttery grease.

The crust on the very outer edge reminded Chris of Pizza Hut breadsticks (probably from the butteriness and the dash of seasoning). The slightly charred rim of cheese around the edge was heavenly, but we did find some bare spots.

All in all, we'll be getting this again as our new go-to Detroit style frozen pizza at home.

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