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Marketside Extra Large Pepperoni from Walmart

Huge portions but the cracker crust was sort of a let down.

This is the Marketside extra large pepperoni pizza from Walmart. It’s take and bake, not frozen. It has both diced and sliced pepperoni which is a nice touch. This thing was huge, and luckily it wasn't frozen because it was actually wider than our freezer at home. It did fit in the fridge, just barely, and it looked really well made at first glance. It reminded me of Papa Murphy's.

Out of the oven, the crust was a bit dry and cracker like, which was light but not very satisfying. The crust reminded me of the kind of brittle breadsticks at Italian restaurants that explode into dust particles when you bite into them.

The cheese and sauce didn’t have much flavor and the Italian seasoning sprinkled over the top of the whole thing was actually one of the strongest flavors instead of the actual toppings.

It’s HUGE and inexpensive but we probably won’t get it again.

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