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Marco's Pizza, Welcome to the Neighborhood

We live in the suburbs and about a 5 minute drive from the main drag, but something we're seeing more and more of are these little retail outlets built sort of tucked away between neighborhoods - off the main strip and in lower traffic areas.

new marcos pizza location

When this new retail space became a Marco's Pizza, it also became the pizza place closest to us - like our own little neighborhood spot! They are still doing COVID restrictions and just bring the pizza out to your car for you when you pull up. Super easy! This place is close enough that we could walk to it in 30 minutes.

Marcos pizza Chicken Florentine

To try them out and welcome them to the hood, I got the Chicken Florentine, which is listed as a 'local delight' so I'm not sure it's available everywhere. The Chicken Florentine has grilled chicken, Parmesan Garlic sauce, four cheeses including Feta with fresh spinach, sliced red onion and fresh slice tomatoes.

It’s fresh tasting and doesn’t leave you feeling bogged down. The spinach and chicken with a creamy sauce almost borders on Alfredo tasting but the tomato and onion give it a little more acidity so it’s not just one note. Would eat again, a good anytime pizza.

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