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Little Caesars Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

This pizza was too beautiful not to post! Little Caesars is offering a stuffed crust pizza that isn't just stuffed with cheese, it has pepperoni baked right into the crust. We saw a couple commercials for it, and for $10 it was totally worth a shot.

little caesars pepperoni and cheese stuffed crust

The website describes it as: A large ExtraMostBestest® pepperoni pizza with pepperoni and cheese stuffed in a parmesan and butter flavored crust.

Can confirm, the crust is slightly buttery and dusted with parmesan cheese. The plump crust is huge and soft bursting with cheese and slices of pepperoni baked inside, which leaves the center a little thin and floppy in comparison but still good flavors. I figure they use the same amount of dough as a regular pizza but need to use extra on the crust to make it stuffed, so the middle is definitely thinner by comparison.

You can see the huge crust is tall like a ring around the whole thing. What a beaut! Chris found the best lighting for these pics.

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