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Little Caesar's ExtraMostBestest and Stuffed Crazy Bread

ExtraMostBestest is an objectively spicy pepperoni pizza in a good way, but the crust is a bit spongy. The cheese inside the Stuffed Crazy Bread was matte instead of glossy.

Just when you thought you were pizza'd out, amiright? We got Pizza King on Saturday (blogging out of order, will get to that in a second), and impulsive Little Caesar's tonight. I present to you, a very short story in three parts:

Nobody likes cooking on a Tuesday, but nobody wants to go out either. I think that's probably why most places run specials on Tuesdays. I imagine it's the slowest retail and restaurant day, and the hardest to get people excited about.

This is not an ad, but the ExtraMostBestest + Stuffed Crazy Bread deal for $7.99 is going on from 8/3/2020 to 8/30/2020 for online or delivery orders with the code CRAZYSTUFF.

Here at Indy Pizza Blog, we are certainly not above a hot n' ready on a Tuesday - especially when it's cheaper than about half of the frozen pizzas out there. Chris and I will have conversations in the Target freezer aisle about whether or not we think the frozen pizza is better than Little Caesar's because that's the opportunity cost.

pepperoni pizza on table next to stuffed breadsticks

I do believe this is our first ExtraMostBestest pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's, however, and it was certainly a zesty pepperoni. I think compared to a regular hot n' ready pepperoni it has more and/or larger pepperoni, but the flavor is also a little spicy. Not at all hot sauce spicy, but it has a little extra pep, a little zing on your lips.

The sauce tasted a little zippy too. Probably just from the pepperoni. I doubt they use an entirely different sauce just for this pizza. The sauce was not especially acidic, and had some darker color to it. If you closed your eyes and tasted the pepperoni and the sauce, it would be objectively spicy and pack a bit more kick than even a lot of sit-down restaurants. Bolder isn't always better, but we enjoyed it - and it's not hot spicy, just more flavorful than regular Little Caesar's pepperoni.

The more we blog about pizza, the more mindful I have to be when I eat pizza. I have to really get to know the sauce and the crust, and consider things like whether the cheese lacks a discernible presence. Hmm. Quite right.

Speaking of crust, to me it was a bit spongy, not a bad taste but sort of a compacted sponge texture and a little hard on the edges. The pepperoni stole the show.

photo of stuffed crazy bread

What about the Stuffed Crazy Bread? Usually the crazy bread is wilted and soggy, but the stuffed variety had a pleasant crust on the outside along with some parmesan cheese and garlic butter. Unfortunately the cheese inside was a bit bland, and I would have actually preferred something smoother or more oily. If cheese could be matte finish, this would have been it. I would have preferred glossy finish cheese.

All in all this was $7.99 well spent - considering you get what you pay for, I'd say in this case you actually get a little bit more.

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