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I Tre Mori in Fishers

I Tre Mori is right in our area on the northeast side, but it still felt off the beaten path a bit, on the other side of the highway. The place was recommended to us on Instagram by @mr_jroberts. It's a cute place with a tile floor and mirror feature walls, bistro tables, and a huge wood burning pizza oven.

The atmosphere is sort of like a Starbucks, you order at the counter, seat yourself, there are no fountain drinks, and it feels upscale but also like you aren’t supposed to linger too long.

I Tre Mori in Fishers bread and olive oil

We started with the homemade bread basket with olive oil, which is 4 slices of sourdough with oil and balsamic for dipping. The bread was fine, and the olive oil on a plate was nice - felt very European having a dipping plate. Chris was a little let down that the marinara dipping sauce he got on the side was cold like it had been sitting in a cooler waiting for someone to order it.

I was really impressed with the wide variety of wood fired pizzas! They only have one size, which is a 12 inch. I got the Pizza Prosciutto & Brie which as the name implies has Mozzarella, double-cream brie, Prosciutto Di Parma, and San Marzano tomato sauce. Brie on a pizza?? I'm there!

I think they put the prosciutto on top after it was already sliced so it came off in sheets and was kinda hard to eat but good creamy + salty flavor though. I ended up tearing the prosciutto by hand to make little pieces for each bite.

The crust was a little tougher than I was expecting it to be. It wasn't hard, more sturdy, but not light and fluffy. It reminded me of what I consider a New York slice, which I hope isn't offensive to the Italian style this restaurant is going for. I mean this place is real Italian, they've had restaurants in Italy and Germany and the oven is from Italy. In my mind the slightly sturdier dryer wood fired thin but not crispy crust just sets off the New York style sensors in my head.

There are plenty more styles to try and I will definitely go back. I think the drawback for me is the atmosphere, it's a weird combination of stuffy and informal. Like if you have canned soda and order at counter you can't also try to be a fancy Italian restaurant with dipping oil and antique mirrors.

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