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Hot Box Pizza Deal Day Basics

We love their pepperoni, and the blend of cheese is such a standard. The crust is thin in the right places and fluffy around the outside. Don't skip the sack of salted bread sticks.

Hot Box Pizza is what we got the first night we moved into our current house, and will probably be the moving reward when we move again. It's such a standard pizza that we take it for granted.

hot box pepperoni pizza photo indiana

If you live outside Indiana then you will probably not understand. If you order a drink, you get a free plastic tumbler cup. Hot Box has social media contests about taking photos of your hoard of cups, and suburban moms literally build floor to ceiling castles out of their collection of Hot Box cups.

So aside from thinking of Hot Box as the standard for pizza you could eat everyday, we'll try to describe what it is we like about it.

Remember Chris likes just the basics, but he can also discern when the basics are done right. He says the pepperoni has just enough spice, and it's one of the few pizzas that you can actually taste the flavor of the cheese. The crust toward the center is very thin but not hard, and you get a big fluffy outer crust. It's greasy in the right places but doesn't feel too heavy.

The down side is kinda what I was already getting at - it doesn't feel like a special treat, it feels like default good pizza. It's never a bad idea, but after 5 years we've lost our wow factor. It's good to know you can get a consistent quality pizza any day. Maybe I just need to convince Chris to branch out into more of their specialty pizzas. Maybe it's not them, it's us! See you soon, Hot Box.


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