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Grump's Slice Stop New York Style Pizza in Indianapolis

After perfecting Detroit style deep dish, the dynamic duo behind Futuro is at it again this time with their take on a New York style slice shop. I first found out about Grump's from @indy_brew_review on Instagram, and I liked that they have a fairly small menu so that they can perfect what they offer without trying to be everything to everyone.

The location was super confusing to a suburban couple like us - it's in this large industrial building that was converted to coworking space called Refinery46. We walked 3/4 of the way around the building looking for the actual entrance, which is on the back side by the big Black Circle Music Bar sign.

Sidenote: Sites are still stealing my content, so I'm going to link to so I can at least get free linkbacks out of it.

Once you're on the back loading dock side you can't miss it, there is a big sign and then inside is brightly colored and modern. It's a pretty small place without maybe a dozen tables or so. You order at the counter and then they call your order at a different counter along the side. It's quick, it's a slice shop so presumably the pizzas area already made and waiting - not sure if they are reheated like other by the slice shops.

I got two giant slices and a sparkling water. They don't have fountain sodas they just have a little fridge next to the checkout with bottled drinks. This is definitely a place to get the specialty slices, Chris got just a plain pepperoni and said it wasn't his favorite and didn't look as fresh as my slices - probably because they make a pie and sell through it and make another so if nobody orders a plain slice the pizza sits out longer.

sausage pizza with burrata

The Gate is a sausage pizza with burrata and hot chili oil. The burrata is the white creamy blob in the middle, which is a perfect refreshing intermission to the spicy savory sausage and hot chili oil. The oil drips off and it's similar to Mike's Hot Honey in terms of heat, but not as sweet as honey obviously. This slice was just perfect, balanced and interesting while being super simple and well executed. The crust was huge and foldable and maybe just slightly over done on the bottom probably because it's a by the slice and not a fresh pizza.

My next slice was called Pizza #7 that includes a garlic butter base, goat cheese, caramelized onion and fresh thyme. Goat cheese on pizza is always a win, and normally I'm not a big caramelized onion person but again this slice was perfectly balanced. The thyme freshens it up so it doesn't get too heavy from the thick goat cheese, and the onion adds sweet and just a hint of sour. The garlic base is subtle so that it's not obnoxiously garlicky.

Chris got a regular pepperoni slice and wasn't as thrilled as I was about specialty slices. He did love the breadsticks though, and said they were warm and fluffy on the inside, perfectly baked and that the seasoning was reminiscent of Olive Garden in a good way.

close up photo of breadsticks on red and white paper

It sounds like specialty slices win the day here at Grump's. Another amazing and unique place work bragging about to your friends. There is a buzz around this place but it's still under the radar for the masses - take your friends here and you'll earn foodie street cred for your insider knowledge!

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